What to Expect From Your Visit

Once you’ve checked in with Leann, you and your child will go through the consenting process with a member of our team. This ensures that everyone, including your child, is aware of what study participation entails. Then you will be asked to fill out some paperwork while your child begins testing.

A psychology associate who may be testing your child

What to expect while your child is being tested

After that, you will have plenty of time to yourself, as testing usually goes with minimal breaks for about three hours at a time. We ask that you stay at Kennedy Krieger Institute, just in case something should arise that we need you for. You should bring something to keep you busy while you wait, which might include a laptop (we have free wireless) or a book to read.

Our new waiting area looks like this

We have books and toys for younger children and lockers for your possessions if you decide to leave them while you go to lunch.

We have a small kitchen where you are welcome to store your own food or use our microwave.

If you prefer to buy lunch while visiting Kennedy Krieger Institute, you can go to the canteen, located on the ground floor of the 707 North Broadway, or you can visit the Johns Hopkins Hospital cafeteria, which is a five minute walk away. Click here for a description of the eateries and directions to each of their locations.